Holiday Star Ornaments  $35
Star Ornament, 3.75 "  $35.00
Squash Vessel, 2"x 6", $220.00
Squash Vessel (detail)
Tumbler, 3"x 6", $60.00
Tumbler (detail)
Wine/Cheese Plate, 1"x 6", $60.00
Wine/Cheese Plate (detail)
Wine/ Plate (detail)
Serving Bowl, 3"x9",$120.00
Serving bowl (detail)
Storage Vessel, 4"x5", $200.00
Storage Vessel (detail)
Temple Vessel, 9"x6", $440.00
Temple Vessel (detail)
Red Tumbler, 2.5"x5", $60.00
Red Tumbler (detail)
Floral Vase,8"x8", $300.00
Floral Vase(detail)
Scrimshaw Horn, 3"x 8", $100.00
Scrimshaw Horn, 3"x8", $100.00
Wine tumbler bottom detail image
Saturn Bowl, 3"x 10", $160.00
Saturn Bowl (detail)
Juice/Wine Tumbler Set, 2'x 4", $210
Squash Vessel, 4"x 8", $360.00
Mid Century Vessel, 5"x10", $400.00

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Star Ornament, 3.75 "  $35.00

Just a sample of the dozens of stars I have in a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns. All are individually indented and hand cut. Each comes with a gift box and bow ready for gift giving.